Latest Kindle Buy – Blue Moon

Yes, stay tuned folks, I’ve Blue Moon to read shortly, when I’ve finished and reviewed Flawless – Dawn M. Garcia which really is a good book, I must say. But THEN, oh yes then………..Blue Moon, a sequel no less, and JUST like the others, it’ll be given a review based on the story, content, characters, plots etc having read every last morsel……I do like value for money hehehehe. Got a fair few on my kindle to get through at the moment but you can be sure I’ll review each one in turn, in the meantime…………………..KEEP READING AND HAVE A GREAT … Continue reading Latest Kindle Buy – Blue Moon

Salby Damned – Kindle Countdown Deal, Limited Time

Yes indeed! SALBY DAMNED is shortly available for a limited time on Kindle Countdown Deal, You can find it here. If you like a Zombie thriller with a little more than just how to kill the un-dead…………’ll love this!! Continue reading Salby Damned – Kindle Countdown Deal, Limited Time


Yesterday I released the first four chapters of Salby Evolution to a TRUSTED author friend of mine to read and comment upon for me. Just to see if it follows the same lines as the first book and knits in as the sequel. It occurs to me that there could be a great story to be told about the publishing industry itself, plenty of plots and twists to be found, intimidation techniques by the million, deceit, and misleading information seems to be rife also. Kinda makes you glad when you only write for pleasure. Fortunate then, that Independent Authors are … Continue reading Updates


Any writer will tell you that sometimes, you just can’t find the words. I have to admit, these last few weeks tied up with promoting, learning, tentative questions to editors not to mention jotting down random words for the sequel coming, has lead me a little to distraction to say the least. Yesterday, for the first time in a good couple of weeks, I managed to get some uninterrupted writing time in, rattling off a thousand words in Salby Evolution. It’s early doors yet for this book, deciding how to make it bigger and better than the first and trying … Continue reading Progress

Flawless – Dawn M. Garcia

A couple of days ago I started a new book, FLAWLESS – by Dawn M. Garcia the links for which I’ll provide shortly. At this point, I’ll state that I’m giving this genre a try with an open mind and have never read a novel by this author before. I tend to read while I’m at work waiting to unload my truck, or indeed the reverse, waiting to load. Sometimes it can be a good hour or two which gives me time to either read or continue with my own novel, Salby Evolution – the sequel to the already published … Continue reading Flawless – Dawn M. Garcia