New Year’s Resolutions

Yup, here we go then, with the coming New Year it’s about that time to cast the resolutions into the pot, some of which we manage to stick to……and some never see the light of the 2nd of January heheheh. I have given this some thought lately, given the very tough year it has been for myself and those nearest and dearest, we have had a lot to deal with but have scraped through one way or another. So here’s my list. 1. Give up smoking! Yes I know, filthy habit and one I hope to conquer this year having … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions

Finally, we made it!

After much panic, many a long day earning the money ready for it, the buying of gifts, the posting of cards and the “oh bugger” I forgot about that’s, planet Earth has finally made it to Christmas 2014. I thought for one horrible moment that it wouldn’t feel like Christmas this year what with an apparent lack of snow, or even really cold weather come to think of it, not to mention the glorious sunshine we’re having combined with some very very long work shifts and lack of much needed sleep. But, this morning as I wake in the relative … Continue reading Finally, we made it!

Spartanica – Powers Molinar, my review of this work.

This was my first delve into the SF/Fantasy genre of books and I have to say, what an impressive way to start. We pick up the story in a situation I can relate to, having an older brother with whom I didn’t always get along but would, even to this day, be lost without. Marcus and Ty (Marconis and Tymaeus) begin a quest to find out who they truly are, catapulted back to another world, in another time dimension, which to most kids would be really freaky but to them, slowly becomes all too familiar. Things become much clearer as … Continue reading Spartanica – Powers Molinar, my review of this work.

Global Greetings

Just a quick note to the many hundreds who have followed me on Twitter, Facebook and indeed my blog here, which is relatively new. The Christmas season is just days away so I would like to personally wish each and every one of you A Very Merry Christmas and I hope that 2015 brings you inspiration, health and above all, happiness. It has been a pleasure to connect with new friends both here in the UK and indeed around the world, swapping ideas, helping and leaning on from time to time – a process I hope that continues in the … Continue reading Global Greetings

Unexpected Rest

Well now, good evening to you all once again. Today, I got up ready for work, uniform on, mind set in chasing more endless white lines, when the phone rang. It was work………could I take one of my holiday days today as there wasn’t much to be done at the depot. Now, having thought about it and been denied any time off over the Christmas period, yes, I’m trucking Christmas Eve, then finishing around 8pm to head 260 miles South to join the family, for essentially one day down in Kent, then back up Boxing Day ready for work the … Continue reading Unexpected Rest

Page Layout and Presentation

So, you’re thinking of writing, or you already have. Your document file is your work of art and you’re proud of it right? Have you ever thought of what it will look like say, on a kindle, or on a Kobo tablet, a Hudl perhaps. Do you think it will look the same as the file you sent over? Guess again………………. When you send your pristine word file over to kindle, they basically meatgrind it to their formatting, what that does is take away some of the things you have specifically entered into your word file such as Italics, certain … Continue reading Page Layout and Presentation

Editing Frustrations, Reviews

Having undertaken another major edit of Salby Damned, based on feedback received from people who actually read the book, I have found that what they have pointed out to be very valuable and am adjusting the original manuscript accordingly. While I have no aspirations to become a top selling, all bells and whistles author, I do want to do the job correctly and have a novel that won’t leave me thinking about it constantly. It has to be one of the most soul-destroying tasks to do, editing and I can see why so many choose to pay someone else to … Continue reading Editing Frustrations, Reviews

A Different Track

I have been in my particular profession for over 18 years now, having started from the very bottom, training with the British Army to eventually get me the qualifications I needed to retain my civilian job. Like most Indie Authors, I work full-time (Overtime…….anytime really!!) and my published works have cost a lot more than I suspect they will ever return. I run an internet based business alongside my 60+ hours a week regular job so I write whenever, and wherever I can. Now, since I published my first attempt at a full book, Salby Damned, and – like most, … Continue reading A Different Track