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This is a FridayFlashFiction story written in response to challenge; link 3 photos from a site and use them in a story. I’m not sure all the links will work so I’ll describe them. Word limit 1000, mine 999. shortlink for this story Paint Me Beautiful  two guys, one’s face is wreathed in smoke a log fallen over the milky white water of a fast moving stream. Gurrrl      Louise Sorensen  January 24, 2012 I was camping with my parents and two brothers the night of the attack. The next morning I woke up face… Continue reading Gurrrl

Fifty Shades Of Grey – The Movie

I know, I know, you’ve heard the hype, seen the steamy trailers and billboard adverts, you’ve heard the sexy song with the lovely Ellie Goulding……no doubt seen the cake on Graham Norton and got yourself all fired up for a sizzling movie. Well, having seen it last night, it pretty much can be summed up by the reaction of the entire audience at the closing of the lift doors in the final scene…………”WHAT?” Yup, that’s what I thought too. While it brushes on the BDSM genre, anyone “into” that would have classed it as a training video for a newby. … Continue reading Fifty Shades Of Grey – The Movie